Celebrating 10 Years of the Human Right to Water and Sanitation
So much has been achieved, but there is still so much to do....
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AquaFed joins global call to action on COVID-19
Aquafed has joined global leaders in a Call to Action on COVID-19
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Press Release
The EU must further protect water resources and the environment and strengthen public trust
AquaFed's Manifesto for Water in the EU
The future of the water sector
AquaFed Viewpoint: The European water and sanitation sector must stay focused on the biggest priorities
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Committed to Integrity
AquaFed is committed to promoting integrity in the water sector. We work with all stakeholders on good and transparent governance.
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Global Cooperation
Senegal proudly kicks off the preparatory processes for the 9th World Water Forum, Dakar 2022
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31/05/21Safe drinking Water 

EU Virtual Green Week

The European Union holds its Virtual Green week from May 31st to June 5th. https://www.eugreenweek.eu/ The EU Action Plan toward a Zero Pollution Ambition is a key action...

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22/05/21Global Issues 

International Biodiversity Day

May 22 marks the International Biodiversity Day.   Our Members have a key function as providers of public services in drinking water, wastewater treatment, and...

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20/05/21Global Issues 

A Salute to Mr. Gurria, Waterman of the OECD

AquaFed joins in celebrating  Angel Gurria's 15 years of water work at the OECD. The team, the Presidents and all our Members were privileged and honoured, and motivated...

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The International Federation of Private Water Operators

Water is a crucial to sustainable development, the environment, society and economy. AquaFed works with the UN, national governments, public authorities and other key international stakeholders to lead change, share expertise and provide solutions to water and wastewater challenges.




The Private Water Operators' Industry

The private sector has been active in providing water and wastewater infrastructure and operating services around the world for centuries. Over time, different business models to respond to different conditions, cultures and legal systems. This evolution is a continuous process that requires operators to adapt and innovate to meet the needs of citizens and the cities and organisations that employ them. AquaFed’s members operate a wide range of systems, from simple rural systems using low-level technology to very large and sophisticated systems that require high-tech, treatment processes, SMART networks and advanced data management. Our members usually operate under the control of public authorities, through a contract or license. In addition, they are often controlled by a range of regulators that supervise matters such as costs and prices, water quality, health and safety and environmental protection.


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We are committed to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals

Our Core Beliefs

Water and wastewater services are a human right. AquaFed's members work to deliver these rights every day so that everyone can get access to quality water and sanitation.



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