SWA Sector Ministers Meeting

The 2022 SWA Sector Ministers’ Meeting, hosted by the Government of Indonesia, is taking place on 18-19 May 2022.

The theme of the meeting is Building Forward Better for Recovery and Resilience. Ministers will share their knowledge of how they have managed water, sanitation and health through the pandemic while also trying to stimulate economic recovery. And all this while also having to planning to mitigate and adapt to climate change – although many are already having to take action.

Ministers responsible for water, sanitation, and hygiene will be brought together with those responsible for climate and the environment and other relevant sectors, to meet and review water, sanitation and hygiene-related policies and commitments, and ensure that climate action, health, and economic recovery considerations are well integrated. Delegations from the different SWA constituencies will also join the discussions.

There is no doubt Ministers will leave the SMM more empowered to deal with their challenges in their countries and also having had a platform to share their achievements.

AquaFed, as an active member of the SWA, is helping with preparations for this event and leading a working group to develop the sessions relating to finance and governance.

More information about the SWA Sector Ministers Meeting is here.

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