Flashmobbing for gender equality and empowering youth at the World Water Forum

At the World Water Forum, Aquafed has worked with partners to provide activities that support gender equality in water and opportunities for young people.

We are once again proudly working with Women4Water, this time on Flashmob events – dynamic and informal gatherings for young female professionals to meet employers. These are essentially networking and career advice moments for young women professionals in the sector. The dates are times of the Flashmobs are below.

We are also holding an event on Thursday at 1.15pm demonstrating the collaboration between AquaFed and private water operators and women’s groups.

We are also working closely with World Youth Parliament for Water to help them design their strategy and objectives and help them design a long-term campaign calling for action at the UN 2023 Water Conference and beyond. This involves working with the Parliamentarians at their General Assembly before the Forum, but also facilitating a session at 12.30 on Wednesday, 23 March in the Youth Space.

On Tuesday, we will be part of a Panel discussing youth employment in the water sector and how to make more opportunities for jobs and career development. This is at 9am in the Youth Space.

The Flashmobs last around 45 minutes and are at:

• 22 March at 12pm at the Youth Space

• 22 March at 12pm at the World Water Council stand in Hall E

• 24 March at 12.30pm at the Portuguese Government stand

• 24 March at 17.30 at the UNESCO stand

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