New leadership team brings renewed partnership spirit to AquaFed

AquaFed members have elected a new President and Vice-President to lead the Federation at its annual meeting today (29 September).

● Frederic Van Heems (left of picture), President and CEO of Veolia North America, is elected President of AquaFed.

● Cyril Courjaret, Senior Vice President Business Development and Key Accounts, Suez Group, is AquaFed Vice-President.

At the AquaFed Annual Meeting in Paris, they gave a joint message that private operators have solutions to help public authorities and the industrial and agricultural sectors adapt to climate change and mitigate the impacts on water and sanitation services.

They restated the Federation’s mission which is to ensure governments and public authorities are fully informed about what private operators can do and the role of PPPs, before they make a choice on how to deliver public services.

They also declared the Federation will collaborate even more closely in partnership with international stakeholders to protect the environment, people’s health and drive the achievement of the human right to water and sanitation for all.

Mr Van Heems replaces Mamadou Dia, Director of Water and Sanitation, Eranove, who was first elected AquaFed President in 2015.

Mr Van Heems said: “It is a huge honour to be elected as AquaFed President and I am grateful to the Federation’s members for giving me this opportunity.

“This is an incredibly exciting role but also a massive challenge. The planet is in huge danger from climate change impacts and there is already a global water and sanitation crisis.

“But private operators have proven solutions. Through AquaFed, we will collectively work even harder to demonstrate these solutions, contribute to global efforts, promote strong governance and ensure public authorities can make informed choices.

“On behalf of all our members, I want to say a huge thank you to my predecessor, Mamadou Dia. He has steered AquaFed through many challenges and maintained the Federation’s effectiveness.”

Mr Courjaret said that whilst members believe firmly in agility, fair competition, and transparency it is also essential they speak with one clear voice on the biggest issue facing the sector.

He said: “We have a renewed spirit of partnership at AquaFed and the leadership team is focused on ensuring we give our members maximum value.

“We are the forum for operators and stakeholders to speak and work with each other, whether it is on policy or on technical detail. We aim to show all private operators the value of being part of the Federation and for much more closer and formalised partnerships with our stakeholders.”

Mr Dia, said: "I was thrilled to be AquaFed president for eight years and hand over an agile and efficient organisation with a strong reputation, to the new leadership team. I think AquaFed is a major asset for its members, and more importantly, for the international community."

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