Message to the EU on World Toilet Day

AquaFed has joined a wide range of organisations to call on the EU to enshrine the right of access to adequate sanitation services for all citizens living across Europe into EU law.

Our statement Access to decent and safe sanitation (services) is a fundamental need and a #HumanRight, but 10 million people still lack access to sanitation in the #EU.

The #GreenDeal is the opportunity to ensure access to sanitation for all. We call on the European Parliament and the European Commission and the European Union to seize the opportunity through the revision of the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive to introduce legal provisions that ensure the best possible access to sanitation services for all in the EU.

The 2020 Drinking Water Directive has rightly introduced article 16 promoting access to water - this move should also be reflected in the new Urban #WasteWater Directive when it comes to sanitation.

Water is life; Sanitation is dignity.

Signatories: Aarhus Vand, Acciona, AEAS, Aguas de Benahavís, Aguas de Córdoba, Aguas de Huelva, Aguas de Montilla, Aguas de Portugal, Aguas del Añarbe, Aguas de Torremolinos, Aguasvira, Aigües d’Elx, AISE, Aljarafesa, Almar Water Solutions, Ambling, AMVISA, AquaFed, Aquafin, AquaFlanders, Aqualia, Aqualter, Aquiris, ASA Andalucía, Axaragua, Canal de Isabel II, Consorci d’Aigües de Tarragona, Consorcio de Aguas Bilbao Bizkaia, DAM, De Watergroep, DuPont, Ecolab, EDAFO, EMA, EMACSA, EMALSA, EMASAGRA, EMATSA, EPSAR, FACSA, FP2E, Gestagua, Global Omnium, Grundfos, GS Inima, Hidralia, Kamstrup, Kemira, Kimberly-Clark, Krüger, Mancomunidad Comarca de Pamplona, MARE, Miya Water, NILSA, Our Future Water, Remondis, Sabemsa, Saur, Sercomosa, Socamex, Suez, Tedagua, Unilever, Villeroy & Boch, Veolia, Water Europe, WeCo, Women for water Partnership (WfWP), WEO, Young Water Professionals Spain (IWA), Xylem"

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