Launch of our research on young people’s careers in water and sanitation

We are delighted that the Sanitation and Water for All Partnership will host the presentation of our research into young people’s careers in water and sanitation, on 7 September 2023.

The research marks the end of the first phase of the Career Pathways Guidance project that AquaFed is running under the Netherlands Government's Valuing Water Initiative.

The research involved our two surveys – one for young people and another for utility and service managers in the Global South. We asked both groups about how young people are recruited and what opportunities they are given to train and develop and advance their careers.

This research will support the next phase of the project which is to create Guidance for utility and service managers on how to best manage their young staff.

There will be two webinars on 7 September:

  • Session 1 (English and French) - Thursday, September 07, 2023: 10:00 CET | 09:00 London | 08:00 Dakar | 15:00 Bangkok -Please register here.
  • Session 2 (English, Spanish and Portuguese)- Thursday, September 07, 2023: 16:00 CET | 10:00 ET |09:00 Mexico City | 11:00 Brasilia. Please register here.


The world is facing ever-increasing challenges in water and sanitation, and we need to ensure workforce of now and the future is equipped and motivated to tackle these problems.

Therefore, utilities and WASH services need to be managed and operated by the brightest and most able young people who feel encouraged and empowered to work in water and sanitation.

But, this can only happen if utility and service managers understand the new skills that young people have, how they work, their short and long-term aspirations and how to develop them.

The Guidance is for managers primarily in southern hemisphere countries on how to manage young professionals’ career paths. The Guidance should map career paths for young professionals in the sector and give new and innovative ideas for utility managers and service providers on how to manage their young workforce– ideas that are practical and easy to implement.