European Commission must deliver the Water Resilience Initiative

AquaFed is part of a diverse coalition of European organisations that has called on the European Commission to deliver the Water Resilience Initiative as soon as possible, marking a crucial first step towards an ambitious water strategy for Europe.

In an open letter addressed to the European Commission, the coalition emphasises the indispensable need for a water-resilient Europe in light of the escalating pressures on the continent’s freshwater resources, intensified by the impacts of climate change.

The coalition stresses that water stands at the centre of the economic, societal, and environmental sustainability of Europe. As such, the Water Resilience Initiative is seen as imperative to provide European socio-economic actors with a competitive edge, while ensuring the availability of water resources of the highest quality at the right time.

Over the past five years, European institutions have diligently updated the European water acquis to confront emerging challenges head-on. A consensus has emerged among European Member States and institutions, highlighting the urgent need for a cohesive and comprehensive water strategy. Notably, resolutions from the European Council in 2021 and 2023 underscored the strategic significance of water and the imperative for decisive action. Bold commitments on water were submitted to the UN 2023 Water Conference, demonstrating Europe’s dedication to global leadership in water management.

These cannot be delivered without the Water Resilience Initiative that was announced in the State of the Union speech in September 2023. With Europe positioned to lead by example, the coalition urges the European Commission to stick to its commitment and swiftly deliver the Water Resilience Initiative, making water a top priority for the next mandate of the European Commission.